Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I've finished my approach paper! Rejoice with me. I still have to look over it one more time and maybe do some editing, but it is done and I am very pleased with it. When it 's entirely finished I'll post a copy here.

I'm also halfway through Peace Like a River, and I still remain enthralled with it. The writing style is wonderful, humorous and sad, romantic and frank all at the same time. Lief Enger is a genius. It makes me think a lot about the characters and their situations. What is Davy doing right now? Does he plan on seeing his family again? How much did he plan ahead before he escaped? What would I do in his situation? Or Reuben's or Swede's or even Jeremiah's for that matter? I think I'll write an approach paper for this book too.

Tonight we watched the vice-presidential debates. I really enjoyed listening to Paul Ryan. He has a lot of integrity and seems very smart; he kniws what he is talking about. Joe Biden didn't impress me at all. I'm probably prejudiced, but he was being incredibly rude, bullying, my mom says, interrupting Paul many times, and laughing when he shouldn't have. I didn't like anything he stood for either. It was interesting to learn that both Ryan and Biden are Catholics, yet Biden is pro-choice while Ryan is very pro-life. I really hope that Ryan and Romney win the election. When Romney was first elected to run against Obama, I wasn't sure I liked him. But now, even though he may not be the best candidate, I like him and his plans for America's future.

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